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Trucking Litigation

If you are being sued by the victim of a trucking accident, you need the quality legal representation of an experienced trucking litigation defense team.

Perhaps your trucking company has been accused of negligence in hiring and supervision claims, maintenance claims, and driver hiring or training. You could be defending allegations that governmental regulations were not followed or that safety procedures were ignored. Another reason for trucking litigation might relate to unsafe loading or reckless driving of a large commercial truck.

At Anderson & Gilbert, L.C., we thoroughly investigate the charges against our clients. We can uncover evidence that may allow you to avoid liability or shift responsibility to the other driver. We are also aware of unique trucking accidents on the open road and the special dangers presented by semi- and 18-wheeler vehicles.

Contact us via telephone at 314-721-2777 or toll free at 800-721-2858 or by email.

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