St. Louis, Missouri Will Attorney

Drafting a will is always worthwhile, regardless of the size or complication of your estate.

Even if you do not have a large estate, you should have a will. An attorney can complete your will affordably. The disadvantages of dying without a will are significant. If one dies without a will, known as "intestate", any property on decedent will be handled based on the law of the state in which the decedent resided. These laws may cause many legal problems for the heirs. Most people have no idea what this entails.

If one lacks heirs, the decedent's property may "escheat" or go to the State itself. Aside from purely financial considerations, you may have items you wish to remain in your family, or go to a particular person, along with a statement of its meaning to you. You may have a pet for which you would like to provide care. You can also make arrangements for funeral, burial, cremation, or other matters.

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If you have a more complicated estate, involving a former spouse, children from more than one union, or charities you would like to support, a will is essential. We all have preferences about various family members and particular articles or pieces of property.

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