Will Contests

St. Louis, Missouri Will Contest Attorney

The larger the estate, the greater the temptation to challenge a will. Perhaps there are suspicious circumstances. Perhaps one party is claiming some minor inconsistency invalidates all provisions.

All states, including Missouri, set out requirements for a will to be valid. Among other things, Missouri requires the testator be of sound mind, and have two witnesses' signatures.

Grounds for challenging a will include:

  • Undue influence, especially by an heir
  • Existence of more than one will
  • Evidence a will is fraudulent
  • Witness not of sound mind

Who Can Challenge a Will?

In order to contest a will, you must be an "interested person," with a claim against the estate. You must either be named in the will, but granted less than you feel you deserve; or not be named in the will and feel you should have been. A trust may also be contested, on the same grounds, by one having standing.

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Beware in contesting a will. A will or trust may contain a "no-contest" clause. This doesn't stop you from alleging, e.g. that the testator was not of sound mind. It does mean that if your challenge is found to be invalid, you will receive less than you otherwise would have, as punishment.

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